Marketing Services

We handle all aspects of digital marketing like building and maintaining web-sites, performing SEO, Data Analytics, Social Media management, author blog articles etc. We wok closely with you to find the right voice and design a cohesive campaign

AI Based Marketing

Our proprietary AI based pairing software generates perfect matches to create a targeted marketing campaign. We have identified various cleantech categories and leading vendors in each. We have a perfect understanding of their needs and so know what products and services will best serve their interests.


We know to get the word out the best place is trade shows. We represent you at major industry Trade Shows. A new highly successful breed of incubators is coming up which specifically targets the cleantech industry. We have membership at all major incubators and incubators (LACI, NYSERDA etc.) in North America


Cleantech field is relatively new and so some of the laws are currently being written and so open for interpretation. This is where xSust with its legal team can help you navigate the uncharted waters. We have identified all the compliance areas and processes needed for startups to quickly become compliant. We work with you to help you become compliant. We take legal compliance very seriously and have the best in the industry to help us make you compliant.


Located in heart of Orange County in the greater LA metro area, which is currently hotbed of innovation and investment, xSust provides access to some of the most happening companies and marketplace.